Grun Adventures

In April 2006, Bill and Susan Grun purchase this J/160, a 52’ high performance sailing vessel built for speed and designed to cruise the oceans in comfort and style.  We name her Avante, a word meaning to move forward, and that is exactly what Bill and Susan (hereafter called The Captain and The First Mate) aim to do.

Married almost 40 years, retired nearly 9, with homes in Telluride and Scottsdale, The First Mate considers the pattern of their lives set.  The San Juan Mountains and all they offer will backdrop the winters and summers.  Scottsdale will be their retreat for a bit of city life during the muddy Alpine off-seasons.  She should have known better.  Not only is The Captain growing increasingly bored and restless, she realizes that she is too.  His old dream of sailing the oceans resurfaces.  The boat is chosen, a rough 10-year plan is devised, and she, the novice white-knuckle sailor, finds herself  The First Mate of a demanding, high-powered boat.  The learning curve is huge, but the excitement, challenge and adventure prove to be everything and more than either had imagined.  Life is good aboard the s/v AvanteFollow the log entries, and share in the journey.