• Who We Are

    In April 2006, Bill and Susan Grun purchased a J/160, a 52-foot high performance sailing vessel built for speed and designed to cruise the oceans in comfort and style.  W [...]

  • Boring Holes in the Ocean

    Friday, October 5th – Everything is working great for our departure from Fiji to New Zealand. Lyn and John Martin arrived yesterday afternoon to join us for this passage [...]

  • Berlin’s 3rd trip to Fiji

    Friday, July 6th – We are returning to Port Denarau to get Avante and ourselves ready for Berlin’s arrival on Sunday. The few marinas in the South Pacific wit [...]

  • The Great Astrolabe Reef

    Sunday, June 24th – We had planned to leave Fulanga yesterday, but with heavy overcast conditions, maneuvering through the minefield of coral heads in the lagoon was not [...]

  • Adopted in Fulanga

    There are many islands in the Lau Group, and we are told that the island of Fulanga with a large central lagoon is a real South Pacific paradise and just as beautiful as the B [...]

  • Return to Bay of Islands, Fiji

    Saturday, May 26th – Due to our arrival on a weekend, the cost of clearance into Fiji will be more than doubled, but we had expected this. Far better to be swinging peace [...]

  • Where The Ocean Meets The Sky

    Thursday, May 17th – This last week has been a final dash to the finish line to get us and Avante ready for passage to Fiji. The weather forecasts have held, and Command [...]

  • A Motoring Odyssey

    Monday, April 30th – The second attempt to certify the engine is on for 10:00. Out into the harbour we go, rev up and check the engine. Up at max speed, the tweaking of [...]

  • Snake Bit

    Several years ago when our dream to sail across the Great Southern Ocean to French Polynesia was in its formative stages, the plan was that we, our cruising friends, Lyn and J [...]