• Who We Are

    In April 2006, Bill and Susan Grun purchased a J/160, a 52-foot high performance sailing vessel built for speed and designed to cruise the oceans in comfort and style.  W [...]

  • Loyalty Islands – There and Back Again

    The Loyalty Islands lie about 60 miles east of Grand Terre. Four main islands and several islets make up this low-lying, mostly coral grouping. They were annexed by France i [...]

  • Attack of the Gremlins

    A generator on an energy-demanding boat like Avante is a necessity.  Sure, we can charge up the batteries using the engine, but that consumes triple the amount of diesel, and [...]

  • Ile des Pins – C’est si bonne!

    On this visit to New Caledonia, we are determined to go out to the small grouping of islands known as the Loyalties which lie approximately 150 nm east of Nouméa.  Needless to [...]

  • Nouvelle Calédonie

    We have been looking forward to our return to New Caledonia, for it’s a place we really like.  Located a bit further south, its climate is just that much cooler.  A sheet is n [...]

  • Passage to New Caledonia

    This year, we have a new wind forecasting program on Avante.  It is called “Predict Wind”, and The First Mate is really taken by how clever it is.  For our upcoming passage, T [...]

  • Fijian Finale

    Three months in the States, and what a full 3 months they were!  We absolutely love our summers in Telluride and do not miss that time if we can help it, but it must be said t [...]

  • Big Birthday in Fiji

    Saturday, June 11th – What a full day we have planned ahead of us!  First to Manta Ray Pass where we hope this time to see and swim with those very large and  graceful c [...]

  • Berlin Arrives In Fiji

        Monday, June 6th – 6:14 am – There she is! 13- year old granddaughter Berlin! Walking through the glass doors into the terminal just like a seasoned [...]

  • Crossing Fiji at Night, Oh No!

    Sailing from Savusavu to Port Denarau normally is an easy 3-day trip with overnight stops every evening in welcoming bays.  We did this trip twice in 2011.  The prob [...]