• Who We Are

    In April 2006, Bill and Susan Grun purchased a J/160, a 52-foot high performance sailing vessel built for speed and designed to cruise the oceans in comfort and style.  W [...]

  • Con’t: 2019 Passage to New Zealand

    Thursday, October 24st – Day 6 of Passage – Norfolk Island was a convenient place to anchor and wait out the weather, but we still have 500nm to go on a 900nm pass [...]

  • An Interlude: Norfolk Island

    Tuesday, October 22nd – Norfolk Island and neighboring Phillip  Island (that mound to the right of the big mound) are mere specks in the ocean. They hardly show up at al [...]

  • 2019 Passage: New Caledonia to New Zealand

    Wednesday, October 16th – Upon returning to Nouméa in the early afternoon, we anchor in the bay, for there is no room in the marina with over 25 boats getting ready to l [...]

  • Refrigeration Fizzle

    Sunday, October 13th – A charter sailboat pulled into the bay the other day. Avante, at that time, had picked up a current or was just being wayward, for she was swingin [...]

  • Big, Big Decision Made

    Six more days we spend anchored in Baie Kuto off Isle des Pins. That definitely is a first for us to spend so much time in one spot. Why? Not only is it pretty, there are only [...]

  • Scootering Along

    Monday, October 5th – With the prevailing wind from the SE, it is seldom that we have been able to sail out to Isle des Pins. The best that can usually be hoped for is l [...]

  • A Hiking we will go!

    The two months home for our never-to-be-missed summer in the mountains went by so very fast. Two months is much too short a time to soak up all the thoughts, feelings and doin [...]

  • Whatever is this?

    Friday, July 12th – After last stops to the market for fresh vegetables and fish and to the boulangerie for the morning’s fresh bread, we leave Nouméa harbour and slowly [...]

  • For Want of a Loaf of Bread

    Friday, July 5th – A study of our weather  charts has shown us that not only is today a good day to sail back to the mainland, it just may be the best day to do so [...]