• Who We Are

    In April 2006, Bill and Susan Grun purchased a J/160, a 52-foot high performance sailing vessel built for speed and designed to cruise the oceans in comfort and style.  W [...]

  • 2010 Overview – Crossing the Pacific

    2010 was a fantastic year for us. We crossed the Pacific Ocean, sailing almost 10,000nm as we went from Mexico to New Zealand. What an incredible trip! Exploring nature in the [...]

  • Ah! NewZealand!

    Who cannot love New Zealand?  If one has not been there, one most certainly wants to go.  The Captain and First Mate had traveled the two islands by car on a vacation in 1996. [...]

  • New Zealand! We Made It!

    Thursday, November 11th – It is decided.  We are leaving today.  The weather window has finally opened, and we should have enough wind.  We could not leav [...]

  • Meet You at “Big Mama’s”!

    “Meet you at “Big Mama’s”!   Who or what is “Big Mama’s”?  Neither of us know more than that it is the spot where all us cruisers whose end destination for the [...]

  • Kava? He Wants Kava?

    Wednesday, October 27th – Continuing our way south through the Kingdom of Tonga, the Ha’apai Group is our next stop.  We have decided to anchor off the island of Va [...]

  • The Veritable Kingdom of Tonga

    “Malo e lelei” means “hello” in Tongan Wednesday, October 13th – We are to leave Niue today, an island nation that The First Mate found quite topographically interesting [...]

  • Get Me Back to Nuie!

    Niue (NEW-way):  a tiny island nation consisting of one small atoll afloat in the Pacific Ocean approximately 1,440 miles northeast of New Zealand.  In an area of th [...]

  • Where in the World is Palmerston Island?

    Where in the world is Palmerston Island?  Why it’s right out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Still unsure?  Palmerston Island is one of 15 scattered [...]

  • The Bora Bora Dash

    Three weeks! It took us three whole weeks to get out of Papeete, and as a result, we are way, way behind schedule! The Captain, upon whom the Type-A Personality profile w [...]