2006 Overview – To The Pacific Northwest

Dec 30, 2006| 0 Comment

2006 Plans – Until March, our plans were simple – Buy a sailboat that we liked, then develop plans based on where our boat is located. In March, we agreed to purchase Avante, so we had our starting point – San Diego. Then the question became north or south? Since Avante had a lot of complex systems, The Captain wanted to spend time during the first two years in places where he could get good maintenance service. That helped make the case for not going south from San Diego. Going north, we had the Pacific Northwest. We had sailed there before and enjoyed it. We also figured that if we started for the tropics, we would probably never sail back north. Thus, we had a plan. Sail Avante to the Pacific Northwest


Year End Summary – The following summarizes what we did during 2006 based on our log.

Apr 28 to Jun 27Southern California465
Jun 28 to Jul 21San Diego to Seattle1396
Sep 10 to Oct 10Pacific Northwest731
Total Year2592


For May and June, we sailed out of San Diego on short trips around the Southern California area getting comfortable with the boat. We headed north up the Pacific Coast to Seattle in July. Avante was then left in the Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle for 6 weeks while we went home. In September, we returned to Seattle and cruised around Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands and the Gulf islands. Avante was stored for the winter in Canada in the yard at the Canoe Cove Marina near Victoria.

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